About us

I, Ram Prasad Sedhain, am one of the lucky guys to get a scolarship. It was a great opportinity for me to go to school and later to Public Youth Campus. During this period I also worked in the tourist business. For students in Nepal it is common to do this. During one of my trekkings as a guide I met Jolanda Bijl from The Netherlands. She was impressed of the country but also noticed that some children had no opportunity for education.

We talked together a lot and decided to start the project Nepali Children to help these children. The basics idea of this project is different from most social work in Nepal: we are fully independent from donations. The basic income for the project is the profit made by the trekkings. Futhermore it is a project for Nepali from Nepali. We use the strengh of our country: use the communal sense and solidarity of Nepali. Together we supply for food and take care of the children.